Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Benro 2nd Generation Traveler Tripods

The Benro 2nd generation tripod is the first tripod series with the ability of MONOPOD CONVERSION. It's released in late 2010, and is one of the best selling models of Benro tripods in the past two years, thanks its portable size and its monopod conversion ability.

Tripod & Monopod 2 in 1

Reverse Folding design makes it more portable

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Product - Benro PJ series Panorama Heads

In May 2012, Benro released the new PJ series panorama heads, PJ1 and PJ2, which further enhancing their product line of panoramic gears.

PJ2 (left) and PJ1 (right)

Actually, the new products are the combinations of J series ball heads and PC series panorama heads. To be specific:

PJ1 = J1 + PC0
PJ2 = J2 + PC0

PJ1 is smaller in size with 20kg (44 lbs) loading capacity; whereas PJ2

Ask your seller to separate the QR clamp from the Ball Head!

In the current batches (2011 and on) of all Benro B & J series ball heads, the screw studs are glued very tightly by the manufacturer, and it is nearly impossible to loosen it by users with the simple hex key. So if you are planning to separate the QR clamp like the one in the photos, please ask your supplier to loosen it for you before purchasing.

Quick Release Clamp is separated from the

Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Security Lock Design of Benro Ball Heads

Currently some buyers ask us about the new mechanism of the Benro B series ball heads... "Hey, I can't release the QR plate from the ball head, the knob stopped loosening at halfway with only click sounds! Is it malfunctioning? Or is it a trick to make it open?"

It's surely not malfunctioning. It's actually the new Security Lock Design of the Benro B series ball heads, to prevent accidental

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Benro PC1 & PC0 Panorama Clamps and Applications

In 2010, Benro started to produce the product line of panorama equipments, such as panning clamps, nodal slides and right-angled nodal plates. Up to now, the product line becomes more and more mature.

In this article, we will focus on the panorama panning clamps PC1 and PC0, and their applications together with other Benro equipments.

The following is the official specifications of the two

Benro Universal Quick Release L Plates

In early 2012, Benro released two models of universal quick release L plates, MPU100 and MPU105.



The L plates are light and handy, and are designed for cameras WITHOUT vertical grip. Using the plates, you can switch your camera orientation easily without rotating your ball head. Both of them are Arca-Swiss compatible, fitting wide range of gears.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Benro 3rd Generation Traveler Tripods

In 2011, Benro launched the third generation of their best selling traveler tripod series - Travel Angel.

In addition to the short folded length property, new features were added to this new product:

Advanced Monopod Conversion Ability(with much longer max. height than the previous generation)

Trekking Pole Conversion Ability

Let's go more in-depth, here we use C1692TB0 as the

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Benro 2nd Generation Flat Folding Tripods

In 2011, Benro launched the second generation of the
innovative Flat Folding Tripods. Similar to its ancestor, it inherited
the compact and portable advantage of the Flat series: less than 6cm
thin when folded.

Surely, new features were added to make it more functional:

Monopod conversion ability
3 Levels leg angle adjustment ability
Extremely low minimum height!

Let's go more

Friday, May 11, 2012

Naming System of Benro Tripods

In 2010, Benro started to modify the naming system of their mainstream tripods, so as to make the model numbers of their tripods be more systematic and meaningful.

The aim of this article is to elaborate the naming system digit by digit, so you could get deeper understanding of the features straight from the tripod model numbers.

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